Sunday, September 23, 2007

Some thank you's

I needed to make some thank you cards to give as a gift to a friend so I worked on those today. They are all very simple, but I like how each one turned out. I will make up some more I think to make for the craft show to sell. I hope you like them.


Erika H. said...

What beautiful cards...all of them! WOnderful job.

Sandy said...

Wow, I wasn't reading before (coz I hadnt found you) but I will be now. Love your cards! I soooo love that blue and red heart, wonderful!!

By the way commenting has slowed drastically on a lot of blogs---I'm chalking it up to google blogger making it easier for people to just scroll through (and they---ie me--have to do extra clicking to get to a comment window, and they---ie me---are lazy!) So it's not you---its all of us!